Nightmare House 2



Overcome your fear with a clean shot


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Nightmare House 2 is a first-person terror and action game based on the Half Life 2 engine in which you have to penetrate an environment more terrifying than you've ever experienced, and try to survive (if you can) your worst nightmare.

Throughout the adventure, which isn't very long, you will witness all kinds of horrific things that threaten your character. Luckily, you'll have a firearm here and there that will help you face the horror with a clean shot.

Your objective in the game is to figure out to what point what you're experiencing is just in the character's head, and to what point what you're experiencing is actually happening. The terrifying environment full of scares of course won't help you discern reality from imagination at all.

Nightmare House 2 is a terrifying game that, despite its focus on fear, also offers a good amount of action, in which you'll have to put all your energy, with a machine gun in hand, into surviving.

You need to have Steam installed in order to play it.

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